Friday 6th September 2013

Born in Kyoto but based in Tokyo via Berlin, Cuushe blends piano, distorted synths and guitars with dream-like vocals to create an uplifting, engaging miscellany of sound. 

'Butterfly Case' is Cuushe’s breathtaking second full-length album, coming four years after her debut album 'Red Rocket Telepathy', following on from recent EP 'Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream'in early 2012.

While Cuushe’s debut focussed on field recordings and found sounds, 'Butterfly Case' sees her transport her dreams into reality, expressing herself with beautiful analogue tape distorted synths, hushed meditated vocals, drum machines and looped guitars. flau label honcho aus, co-produced the album, while it was mastered by up and coming producer Geskia. These new songs let us see cuushe’s hazy visions realised, her imagination transcends anything we’ve ever seen before. 

Listen above to the exclusive premier of 'Butterfly' on Fred Perry Subculture

'Butterfly is released here on Monday 23rd via flau 

And could we mention that the album is 

Cuushe’s unique, beautiful voice and ethereal, beat driven music truly offers a new dimension in dream pop.

Exquisite. Dazed and Confused

Someone whose way of expressing the sacred beauty of pop isn’t to yell and screech but to whisper and sigh. Guardian

multi-talented cuushe beautifully projects a subtle musical world that is carefully wrapped with sensitive emotion and fragile memories. This Fake DIY

culminates in a production that sounds not unlike some of our favourite tracks on Four Tet's breathtaking There Is Love in You. XLR8R

Incredible... refreshingly bold. The FADER 

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