D.I.D - Hotel


Tuesday 18th November 2014

D.I.D (formally known as Dog Is Dead), are one of the foremost artists of the burgeoning Nottingham music scene, and have returned with a new, seasoned and blues-driven sound with brand new track 'Hotel'. The song got its first airplay from Huw Stephens on Radio 1, and will please fans of Band of Skulls and White Denim. 

D.I.D said this of Hotel

“Hotel is essentially a rhythm and blues track. What started off as a Lightnin' Hopkins, Elmore James-esque ditty fell victim to my obsession with experimenting with sounds and trying to make my guitar sound nothing like a guitar. At times modern music can be so uninspiring so I wanted write the sort of song that would've made me pick up the guitar in the first place when I was twelve years old. What we ended up with was a complete Frankenstein of 70s Rock, soul and blues, something heavy enough to bang your head to but melodically soulful and harmony laden.”

D.I.D are:  Robert Milton, Joss Van Wilder, Daniel Harvey, Lawrence 'Trev' Cole & Paul Roberts. It’s been two years since the now simply titled ‘D.I.D’ released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘All Our Favourite Stories’.

D.I.D recently wrote: 
“Recording the first album was a learning curve of which we worked with 4 different producers from completely different backgrounds, from psych-maniac David Kosten to 80s legend Trevor Horn. Sometimes it takes a long time to learn where the best place for you to write and record is, both metaphorically and literally. We knew this time around we wanted a finished product before we went and toured the world over rather than going back and forth to the studio. What we took from the first record is that we knew we wanted to starve ourselves of luxury and write and record in Nottingham at our favourite studio (random recordings) in the middle of an industrial estate. No luxury 12 foot mixing desks and symphony orchestras lying about meant that we could focus on the pure essence of song and stay true to the progression of the band with no eye on being 'current'. This process meant we had to have the discipline to sacrifice playing live shows until now which has only made us more hungry to get on the road and cause trouble.”

D.I.D also recently announced two December live dates, in their hometown Nottingham and in London, which sold out instantly. 

Monday 1st December: Nottingham Bodega  - SOLD OUT
Wednesday 3rd December: London Courtyard - SOLD OUT 


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