Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP


Tuesday 20th March 2012

Daniel Rossen makes beautiful music. There is no argument in this fact. Wether it be with Grizzly Bear or Department of Eagles, he has a masterful touch, soft and as warming as a golden sunset. Silent Hour / Golden Mile is his first solo effort, an EP clearly filled with lifelong influences. This could not have been released at a better time, as this sultry collection correlates with everything Spring.

The imagery that is evoked throughout this EP is of hazy sunny days on a grand European adventure where one would contemplate natures great exquisiteness. This draws the question of where Daniel grabs his inspiration or indeed where he conjours such humid imaginations, and how he translates this to sounds. Is it methodical, or at ad-libitum? Music to inspirit ones-self, or to reflect upon? We would say all of the above and more for that matter. This is a blank canvas for each listener, arguably with a lot of music, but more so with this man. Every individual could infer many meanings, making this a very special record indeed.

With each track, Rossen will pro and transgress through differing movements, utilising his unique, quivering voice as a seal to the instrumentations. The background is awash with acoustic plucks, building in depth only to release momentarily to display individual elements at their best. As filled as it is, you can pinpoint every pluck on the guitar, every drum beat, every breath. This is what separates and clarifies your thoughts, or even brings you to a closer state of tranquility.

If you could smell this recording, it would be of freshly cut grass, a cool summers breeze, the salt in the sea and a handful of cliches we daren't say. There are cliches for a reason though, some, yes, border on sickening. This however, treads firmly on Elysium.

Released through Warp, Silent Hour / Golden Mile is available now.

You can listen to 'Saint Nothing' below. A stifling effort of uncontaminated emotion.


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