Darkness Falls


Wednesday 11th January 2012

Darkness Falls are the enchanting new Danish rock duo fresh from the ever-expanding Copenhagen music scene. Talented musicians Jospehine Philip and Ina Lindgreen - who met in their former all-girl ska band ‚Favelachic‘ - formed Darkness Falls to pursue their love of dramatic and atmospheric post-pop, combining distorted twang guitars, haunting synths, gritty drums and heartfelt vocals. In March 2011 their first ever EP ‚Darkness Falls‘ was released through Fake Diamond Records and hfn music. After much acclaim, and a lot of attention for their exquisite live performances, the duo announced their debut album, due for release in late 2011, entitled ‚Alive In Us‘. The duo are multitalented to say the least - Josephine is the lead vocalist but also plays keyboards, while Ina plays bass and guitar. They write their magical, mysterious songs together and have also been helped in the studio by Trentemøller with authentic synth textures, vintage reverbs and all manner of smokey, hi-fi lo-fi sounds. Josephine is also touring with Trentemøller as part of his live show, and released the beautiful ‚... Even Though You‘re With Another Girl‘ together with the visionary producer. Their accomplished album, ‚Alive In Us‘ is a perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, 60s guitar magic, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop, whisking us away to a not-so-distant land of bittersweet harmony and musical contemplation. Produced by celebrated artist and producer Anders Trentemøller, the album reaches new heights in sound and stands out light a bright shining beacon in these hazy uncertain times. Pop allure morphs casually into noise only to revery back into harmony. Striking vocals and enticing lyrics are complemented by a drone-like base; romance crashes into reality and hope and regret are equal on the scale. The tempo shifts, as the versatile duo sail from sorrow, to harmony to action and adventure - the girls are at the wheel and there is destination is somewhere far off in the mist. The sound of Darkness Falls is not easily pinned down, traditional rock influences merge with contemporary arrangements, creating a dynamic and varied sound- scape. You can revisit Darkness Falls many times and return with different impressions each time. Darkness Falls and you turn to your imagination!

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