Das Glow


Wednesday 7th March 2012

Das Glow is a French artist hailing from Nice, now based in Berlin, in the Neükoln neighborhood. He's good friends with another Berlin exile, Strip Steve, whom he released a conjoint EP with in early 2011. He then did a second collab EP on Marble with Para One last summer. Now it’s time for a solo, idiosyncratic piece from him.

Concrete is a narcotic, slow techno number, all roaming beats and gnarly bass, shook up by a strange vision of martiality. Mecanized discipline is leading the way, yet the space of the track is morphing and dilated. This sounds like a live experience on aural balance and the possibility of sound dynamics in the post-minimal/post-maximal era.

Jenga is basically a filter-house routine on a standard loop, but it has phantomatic 303 traces, and anhedonistic audio processing that make the whole thing joyfully dysfunctional, as in an unreleased track by Errorsmith on Crydamoure. Great come-down track after a set of upfront cathartic French touch ditties.

The Key if what one could call ghostpel, as in ghost and gospel. This is basically robot mice riding a crowd of BDSM friends on a light grey Sunday morning. It’s a 4/4 beat but it fits more to mental torture and kinky ritualistics than proper clubbing activities. Confusing sound scales, irritating volumes, obtuse bass and exquisite post-soulful cries all over. A wrong classic.

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