David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust Re Issue


Friday 23rd March 2012

Can you believe it has been 40 years since the infamous David Bowie album 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' ? Many reading this, would have been but a twinkle in his fathers eye when this was originally released, but by no means does it have any less relevance, as it has shaped the musical road for which many have stuck firmly by. It is the people who opt for obscurity amongst the mediocrity, that do not bow down to conventional song writing, or indeed, fashion. This was and still is one of the most pinnacle albums to have existed in the last century, and for this, it deserves to be re issued. So lets take a look at what you'll be getting for your money, and a brief delve into the album itself.

Released in 1972, it only reached number 5 in the UK chart. This is not too surprising, seeing as it was a concept album that for the time was light-years from your Tina Turner and Simon and Garfunkel (the latter we must add are a spectacle, but by no means revolutionary). It tells the story of a fictional Rock Star Ziggy Stardust, who in turn, morphed into a living, breathing man. This of course was David Bowie, a man so sexually unhinged, with limited inhibitions that he could do what the heck he wanted, and nobody would question. Instead, they enjoyed the flamboyance and revelled in the other worldly presence he exuded. This album can and has sparked many a debate, one that if we were to enter into, would use up all the pages we hold on this website. There is one thing that intrigues us, one thing that we are not aware if anyone has brought up before. Now, safe of sounding like idiots, the K.West sign in which Mr Bowie so gracefully poses under is a bit of an enigma. It of course is 23 Heddon Street in London where fur was sold (another debate topic). However, is this where Kanye West got his birth name? Was this where his mother took inspiration for calling her son Kanye, because his name would already be in lights on one of the most famous albums in the world? It is prominently placed on the cover, but easily missable. So, any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated. You can tweet us @FredPerry_Sub or find us on facebook. The re-issue will be available on June 5th and will be available in CD and Vinyl, for the wheels of steel lovers out there. They will include previous unreleased mixes, as well as additional audio DVD with the vinyl.


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