David Mcilwraith


Name, where are you from?
David Mcilwraith, Glasgow.

What do you do?
Assistant Manager in Fred Perry Glasgow, Guitarist/Vocalist in Black Cat Revue.

Describe your style in three words:
Torn, Frayed & Fuzzy. 

What has been your all-time favourite gig?
Seeing The Stones at Hyde Park a few years back around the time of the Brian Jones memorial gig/anniversary was pretty special. I used to watch the original clips from the concert in 1969 and think how special it was. A real high point for me to attend that gig nearly 44 years to the day of the original concert/memorial.

A British icon or band who inspires your sound?
Spacemen 3 - Jason Pierce, Pete Kember.
I remember listening to Spacemen 3 for the first time and feeling a relatable sensation. The inspiration you feel when you hear music that isn’t a masterful/complex piece of playing yet it evokes just as much emotion.

Which music defines the teenage you?
The Ramones. One of the first bands I was introduced that was recommended by my Uncle. A friend in the year above got me into the Ramones in the 2nd year of high school and it finally made playing music accessible to someone with no background in guitar!

Black Cat Revue were one of the bands to feature in our Glasgow Sound feature back in 2015. Their debut double A-side single 'Them Red, White & Blues/Gravedancer' was released in 2017.

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