Dead Wolf Club


Monday 16th January 2012

If you love high pace riffs with post-punk determination, then Dead Wolf Club just may prove to be your favourite new act. Set to release their self titled debut  later this month, they have been kind enough to give us a free download to pass on to you. Read on for free music of the highest order.

This four piece from London appear to have drawn on many an influence to create, not so much a diverse sound, but an amalgamation of a few genres, fashioning an extremely unique listening experience. They asre definitely New Wave, there is absolutely no argument there, however, enter one of their tracks mid way through and you could be confused to think that grunge has reared it's 90's head once again. It is the more heavily distorted chorus sections that strike up comparisons of Hole, Courtney Love's outfit.

They do not conform to traditional Post Punk. Some arrangements are undeniable in their heritage, but quickly change through prominent transitions. The vocals for instance. They do not maintain the disparate tone associated with such a genre. They are in fact expressive and on the higher end of the scale. This fills certain tracks with a more hope, not too dissimilar from the inspiring Bloc Party.

Anyway, we don't need to ramble as to what they do or do not sound like. They have given us a download to do that for us. So here it is...Enjoy!


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