Death Grips 'No Love Deep Web' to get full release


Tuesday 8th October 2013

With a sound that resembles alt-hip-hop pushed through a gaffer tape rigged filter of Trash Talk hardcore and AFX acid-techno, Death Grips are to give their 2012 album 'No Love Deep Web' a full release, on Vinyl and CD, in November 2013.

Over a year after the album's deliberate leaking, by the artist, in response to their label's red tape, reportedly leading to the band being dropped by said label, the critically acclaimed new music will now enjoy full distribution on all the usual formats. To experience the dark foreboding power that Death Grips exude across the album, watch the official video for No Love Deep Web album track, 'World Of Dogs' below:

Apparently using available and otherwise mundane technology to compromise convention in any way they can, not content with topping the BitTorrent "List of Most Legally Downloaded Music", Death Grips also managed to cause a stir at SXSW the following Spring, with Drummer Zach Hill not attending the performance - but instead playing the drums live via Skype - resulting in the following video (complete with Skype ringtone):

Find out more on the band's site at


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