Desperate Journalist


Thursday 27th November 2014

Desperate Journalist emerged early last year out of the abandoned wilds of North London as Jo Bevan (vocals), Simon Drowner (bass), Rob Hardy (guitar) and Caz Hellbent (drums).

They started their journey at the local Negative Creep grunge club night in Finsbury Park on February 23rd 2013. Since those heady, dark days Desperate Journalist have released one EP and two heroically independent singles and played every other shadowy basement in London Town, displaying a bold musical vigour and an admirably chaotic sense of coherence along the way.

Now comes the heroically independent self-titled debut album Desperate Journalist, which was recorded almost entirely live in Soho’s Dean Street Studios, jointly produced alongside Keith TOTP and mixed by the band itself. If that wasn’t organic enough, Desperate Journalist designed their own artwork, get heavily involved in their videos and generally hark back to a time when an authentic DIY spirit pervaded, like a perfect indie rock storm brewing on the horizon. 

The 11-track LP is a passionate, emotional collection, with opening track 'Control' displaying powerful, urgent female vocals, and sophisticated, layered guitar work, in the image of Savages, their new single 'Control' will certainly stick in your head, in a good way. Their debut album is out digitally now, and ia CD/Vinyl 26th January 2015, and enjoy a free download of 'Distance' right here.  v

With Rob Hardy’s 12-string guitar sparklings and Jo Bevan’s strident vocals, the band delivers a perfect blend of post-punk driven melody and melodrama. Desperate Journalist were included in the Fred Perry Subculture 'Ones to Watch' 2015 for British artists.

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