Friday 30th November 2012

Dexters are Tom Rowlett (vocals), Chris Heggie (guitars, BV’s), Ben Debo (lead guitar, BV’s), Vincent Dignan (bass, BV’s) and Chris Mardon (drums). The band formed in 2011 after growing up together on estates in the rougher part of East London. Their sound merges their wide range of influences from the melodies of The LA’s to the sheer punk, visceral aggression of The Clash and The Specials and the narrative packed lyrics of The Kinks. 

Dexters have just released their third single from debut album Shimmer Gold released earlier this year; ‘Cloudfest’, which is  a hook-ladened, anthemic tune, filled with psychedelic guitar rifts and raw melodic charm. The accompanying video to the single features the infamous Howard Marks who achieved notoriety as an international cannabis smuggler and later on as an author, the subject of a Hollywood film Mr. Nice and world renowned DJ. An avid campaigner for the legalisation of drugs in the UK Marks plays a phantom saviour for the band as the embark on a weekend of fun and tom-foolery.

Speaking about Dexters and his role in the video, Marks says: “I get a lot of requests to be in videos and what have you but usually decline. On my first listen of ‘Cloudfest’ it made me want to get high – so I said yes, naturally.” 

Dexters frontman Tom says: “We wrote this song last summer after we’d played Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall which is this beautiful festival on top of a cliff over looking the sea. We’re all high on life and everything else and got back to the tents and had a jam. The lyrics are “if you don‘t feel inspired, you must be dead inside” just rolled out. It's a feel-good song about being high on life - who better to get star in the video than Mr Nice! He's a legend, full of life and stories. On the way back from the video shoot from Kent we drove back to London. He was pointing out areas nearby he’d hid a stash. Quick as a flash we asked if it’s still there. Quicker than a flash came the reply 'Long gone, sonny!'”

The East-London quintet have exploded into consciousness since the release of singles ‘Start To Run’, ‘Recover’ and ‘The Hard Way’ garnishing a rapidly expanding passionate fan following. With a mix of influences ranging from the aggressive visceral punk of bands like The Strokes, The Clash and Sex Pistols to the tuneful storytelling of artists like The Kinks, Dexters bring a refreshing modern swagger and youthful enthusiasm to guitar music’s current grey landscape. Dexters is formed of frontman Tom Rowlett, guitarists Chris Heggie and Ben Debo, bassist Jamie Harris and drummer Chris Mardon. In November, the band re-embark on the road for an extensive UK tour concluding with their biggest headline show to date at London’s Islington Hall preceded by a 7 dates German & Swiss headline tour. Click Read More for full tour dates.

Enjoy this free download of 'Oceans' from Dexters debut LP Shimmer Gold is out now on Acid Jazz Records, and available to purchase here

29/10 - Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany 

28/10 - Magnet, Berlin, Germany 

24/10 - Le Zoe Live Bar, Geneva, Switzerland 

22/10 - The Rock Cafe, Hamburg, Germany 

21/10 - FZW Club, Dortmund, Germany 

20/10 - Groovestation, Dresden, Germany

05/11 - EVAC - Liverpool

06/11 - King Tuts - Glasgow

07/11 - Think Tank - Newcastle

08/11 - Leadmill - Sheffield

13/11 - Roundhouse - Manchester

14/11 - Sugarmill - Stoke

15/11 - The Victoria - Birmingham

20/11 - 60 Million Postcards - Bournemouth

21/11 - Lennons - Southampton



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