Wednesday 3rd July 2013

What does Dinner sound like?

His music definitely calls on Euro-references as well. Icy traces of Joy Division and echoes of Nico-ish phrasing come together with Eno-esque melody-lines and occasional kraut-like motifs, and together form a framework within which Rhedin’s chanting voice, minimalistic pop-melodies and somewhat wobbly productions can coexist.

But underneath Dinner’s apparently cold surface there’s an uncanny warmth. Like a warm summer-night where something is about to go terribly wrong.
I think that the years Rhedin lived in LA has something to do with it. Distorted, smog-filtered sunshine emerge here and there in Dinner’s songs.
Also, there’s Rhedin’s interest in the occult. I’ve rarely had a talk with my friend without the mention of a Buddhist sutra, Crowley or chaos-magick comes up in the conversation.

I myself, see Dinner as a pop-ritual. Live, Rhedin performs alone, with a cloak of a sort – doing ritualistic (and somewhat awkward) dance moves to accompany his songs.

All this stuff adds up to this. Dinner:

The sound of LA and Scandinavia superimposed. Lyrics where words like ‘demons’, ‘sigils’ and ‘rituals’ pop up rather often. Brought to you (live) by a
dancing guy. Personally, I love the combination of those elements.

What is ‘Girl EP’ about?
Well, recently, I heard Dinner say the following to an audience at a show in Berlin: ‘Thank you for listening to my songs. They’re all about girls. And
destruction. The Divine Feminine.’ What else would they be about? Given them a listen.

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