Dirty Dishes


Wednesday 2nd May 2012

"Dirty Dishes is the latest Beantown band to come out of Boston with a mix of punchy, feedback-drenched anthems that would make the ghosts of the 90s proud. That’s not to say that Dirty Dishes isn’t doing anything new, even as the sounds of 120 Minutes becomes the standard sonic palate for a million current bands. With rockers like Yuck and Silversun Pickups at the forefront of the charge, Dirty Dishes is doing a fine job on the movement’s punk-inspired flank; musically, they traffic in spiky rhythmic blasts that recall the deepest In Utero cuts, but the band heads in a totally different direction when vocalist/guitarist Jenny Tuite's soaring melodies are laid on top. Keyboardist Alex Molini’s manic keyboard squaks (which would sound at home in any early-aughts San Diego Spock rock ensemble) and the band becomes even more difficult to pin down.  Orbiting Boston’s DIY breeding ground, Dirty Dishes brings together punk methods and art-school flamboyance."

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