Dog Is Dead - 'Two Devils'

New tune from the Nottingham 5-piece

Monday 30th January 2012

Dog Is Dead can not stop making good tracks. In fact, it's not just that they have a knack for it, they keep getting better and better. It is an absolute pleasure to see a band grow in a few short years and even better that we can plug them. It is not usual that we post about the same band each time they release a new single, but to not do so with these Nottingham lads, well, it would be a crime!

Unveiling their new single whilst touring with Bombay bicycle Club, 'Two Devils' is a tale of "guilt and insanity stemming from a twisted relationship in which a girl falls sick. It's a little dark" according to Rob (lead vocals). It certainly is a strong track. There are real waves of emotions running through Rob's voice and the unity of the band in the chorus is pin point. This is something of a trademark for these guys, one that they have honed over their time together. With this progression, the familiarity of their style does not bore, because there seems to be no end to their development. Opting for no sax was intelligent. Throwing it in for the sake could have potentially changed the dynamics of this powerful song and detracted from it's meaning.

Already remixed by Bombay Bicycle Club, you can be sure our airwaves will be infiltrated with their unique sound very soon. Even more exiting though is the release of their debut album sometime this year, so keep your ears peeled to the grapevine.

P.S ... If you happen to be in London on March 15th, head down to the Borderline (just off Tottenham Court Road) where they will be headlining.

P.P.S ... 'Two Devils' will be released March 5th through Atlantic Records. Click the link below and have a good ol swoon.


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