Friday 11th November 2011

Oh how far these boys have come from their humble roots. Nottingham bred band Dog Is Dead, old buddies of ours from Dot to Dot, are back with their new single 'Hands Down'. And what a delight it is! Now even though they are skyrocketing towards acoustical world domination, they haven't forgotten us folks here at Subculture and have given us an exclusive to their new video...So what are you waiting for, come on in and take a look.

The strangely warm, filling yet somehow hollow voice infiltrates the air in only the way Robert Milton can. This is all a rouse, suspended over a softly strummed guitar. They are not your typical sirens, but that's what they are, alluring to near fatal degree, we are merely moths to flames to their dulcet sounds. Their ever progressing harmonies get tighter and richer with each track, now with an almost choir like quality to them. Now, what's this? Where's that trademark sax we all know and love? Firmly in it's case we do believe, and it could be for good reason. Right, we are not saying we have lost our love for brass, we are merely commending the ingenuity of these young minds. They are safe with the sax; they know their sound and play to their strengths. But where many bands make a stumble, few bands have the cohonies to do something a little different. This doesn't always work, but when it does, those bands have a longevity others fail to achieve. So, good ol' Trev has put down the blower, and picked up the guitar, joining on the strumming merriment and vocal chimes. These guys make the kind of music to want to jump on in, pick up a noise producing devise and get stuck right in with them. It looks fun, they look fun and, well, we love them, and if you haven't heard of them, after watching this video, you will too! Headlining the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on the 28th of November, it could possibly be the venues gig of the year. So here we go then, a ruddy grand exclusive for you, and what an exclusive! This is Dog Is Dead with an acoustic version of 'Hands Down' from the 'Confessions Sessions'...Enjoy!


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