Dorian & The Dawn Riders


Thursday 7th March 2013

Steve composes, writes and sings actively for a year. Fed an education forged from the blues music of his father. He tried recently to recreate the emotion he could feel when he was younger listening to music. Keyboard, guitar, machines are his working tools. Lives for her it is accompanied by seasoned musicians: Charlie on drums, Ayla vocals and Agathe on Cello. His influences range from Young Magic, Yeasayer, passing from nick drack, Arthur H or Philip Glass ...

From the Dawn, The "riders" of Dorian knows just the first light, those benefits after a restless night of the disappearance of the moon radiate their rays, timid but blinding narrow streets where we run at full speed, shortness of breath, fleeing the dark and cold and humid atmosphere.

The music of Dorian and The Dawn Riders is pretty much it. Tribal percussions who sneak in the middle of synthetic layers and freezing luminous voices join us into ecstatic trances when they are not stifled cries, last memories of a crazy race in the jungle in the dark back.

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