Easy October


Friday 31st October 2014

It all began when Kristoffer Hedberg was on tour all over Europe in the fall of 2010 with his friends in Affordable Hybrid. During the following month out on the road Kristoffer began writing a couple of songs in english, instead of swedish which he had done for a few years before. He wrote the first song, Rocket Man, during a soundcheck down in a basement in Graz, Austria. When the tour was over and they came back to Sweden Kristoffer had all these new songs and didn’t know what to do with them. He called his friend David Fransson (Division of Laura Lee, New Moscow) and told him about his aspiring wish of doing something with these songs. David listened and replied with an enthusiastic answer: “let’s make a record, I’ll be the producer”.

The recordings began at Davids home outside of Gothenburg, at this time David and Kristoffer didn’t know what this would become. When it was time to record the drums David called one of his old friends as well as one of the best drummers around, Johan Håkansson (A Camp, The Soundtrack of Our Lives). He asked him if he wanted to play drums on a few songs, Johan said yes and arrived at the studio on a sunny day in april. It took less than two hours for him to nail the songs and he immediately became a member of the band. The band still hadn’t got a name at this point but were called, Van Morrissey. 

Kristofer Åström (solo, Fireside) and Kristoffer Hedberg met for the first time a couple of years ago when they both shared the same stage in Hedbergs hometown, Trollhättan. Åström had always been an artist and songwriter that Hedberg listened to a lot and admired. When Åström said that he’d be glad to join the band as lead guitarist it was a bit surreal for Hedberg. But it didn’t stop there. When Hedberg one night was out drinking at Publik (the best bar in Gothenburg) he met the legendary bass player Nikke Ström. Nikke said: “You must be the Kristoffer that Johan was talking about, I heard that you needed a bass player for your band”, Kristoffer was a bit overwhelmed by the situation and said, “yes”. Nikke replied: “I’ll take it”. And the band was now complete.

Shortly after that the band hat gotten all its members they began recording more songs, still with David as producer. Gothenburg is the bands hometown but a few recording sessions were also held in the swedish country side, in Hedbergs summer house. It all went very smoothly and the band was now named, Easy October and the rumour about them had started to spread widely. 

After touring in Europe for a while the first recording sessions for their follow up album began in december 2013, this time with the Grammy Award winning producer and artist Andreas Kleerup as the drummer. The album entitled, Sweethearts before the fall will be released in october 2014.

This story will continue.

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