Exclamation Pony - 'Pseudo-Individual/Mazes'


Monday 23rd September 2013

Exclamation Pony is the mini super-group and side-project of The Cribs' Ryan Jarman with Jen Turner, formerly of Thrillionaire and Here We Go Magic. 23rd September sees their first official release together, a double A-side of 'Pseudo-Individual/Mazes', released via Julian Casablancas' own Cult Records.

Distinctly less Cribs-esque than 'Rumours' which was made available as a free download earlier this year, 'Psuedo-Indivdual' is an airy, spacious, anthemic stroll of synth and guitar, in contrast to the moody minimal 'Mazes' which borrows some late seventies plastic piano from 'You're My Best Friend' or 'I'm Not In Love' to great effect.

A pleasantly organic little package of new music, Ryan Jarman notes that it was recorded “at a frenzied pace in and around New York City, at various studios, basements, bedrooms and anywhere else we happened to find ourselves.”

Watch the for 'Psuedo-Indidual' video below:

Find out more at www.facebook.com/ExclamationPony and exclamationpony.cultrecords.com


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