Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Fanfarlo return with their first new music in 18 months in the shape of new EP, The Sea, released through their own label New World Records.

Taking their name from a novella by Charles Baudelaire, Fanfarlo were formed by frontman Simon Balthazar in London (UK) in 2006. Fanfarlo's debut 'Reservoir' (2009) was released to critical acclaim. Their music originally fused indie rock and folk with a miscellany of post-punk and baroque-pop. Last year their second album 'Rooms Filled With Light' (2012) saw the band's sound evolve as they gained a taste for bigger lyrical themes and 80s synth pop.

Drawn to outside philosophers, science and lone visionaries, their new EP 'The Sea' (out Oct 2013, New World Records) refines their new direction. The third album 'Let's Go Extinct' (out in early 2014) sees Fanfarlo metamorphosise while attaining their original lure for fine musicianship and lyricism.

Alongside Simon Balthazar (guitar, vocals) Fanfarlo are Cathy Lucas (violin, keys), Leon Beckenham (trumpet, keys) and Justin Finch (bass), with longstanding drummer Amos Memon, being replaced recently by Valentina Magaletti.

"The Sea" EP is based around the theme of evolution, opening with 'A Distance', which will also feature on the band's forthcoming third album. A “disco jam” propelled by Moroder-style arpeggios and swimming in bongos and mellotron strings, 'A Distance' explores “fraught attempts at communicating with each other” and “how it seems we are reduced to some sort of echo or projection of ourselves in someone else's brain”.

Title track, 'The Sea', is a white-noise laden song about humanity evolving back into a life in the sea, driven by an instinctive and melancholy longing for a simpler time. This story of giving up the whole project of land dwelling will also feature heavily ton the band’s third record, a concept album about human evolution and possible futures. ‘The Sea’ and the following two tracks are all exclusive to this EP release.

'The Wilderness' talks about the call of a different wild. It's about “the sad beauty of squandered chances and waiting for something to happen,” says singer and main songwriter Simon Balthazar.

'Witchi Tai To' - a cover - closes the EP with Fanfarlo’s tribute to the magical and life-affirming adaptation of a traditional native American Peyote song as rendered by Jim Pepper back in 1971.

'The Sea' EP is out now - listen to our exclusive stream of the tracks via our player and head over to for more information.


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