Thursday 5th September 2013

"FAUVE is an open crew – what they like to call a “CORP” – that operates on various formats (music, videos, photos, texts, visuals, web, etc.) to put forth and share their common intention and belief: tell off the starkness of modern human relations, refuse defeat, have the right to weakness, the almighty power of words and the never- ending quest for love with a big L (whichever that may be).

The founding members of FAUVE are long-time friends. They first started out by uniting around music with a need for collective externalization. The result is a French spoken word dropped on instrumental tracks ranging from hip-hop to pop; this also explains the depth of the texts, written without lyricism and openly transparent from start to end. But with a strong message of hope.

Today, the members of FAUVE want, and need, to formalize their sorrow and joys, their fears and ideals, until their respective lives get significantly better. Always with a sense of collectiveness. Because you can never be too many.

FAUVE is an open crew. A CORP.
The members of FAUVE share a common conception on life and people.

FAUVE fucks fucked-up human relations, defeats resignation, hates detestation and is ashamed of shame itself.

FAUVE is frantically convinced that love can win over all in this bizarre world of ours. FAUVE is a desperate optimist.

FAUVE started out in 2010, by writing songs with a shared and urgent need to empty out an abundance of emotions, with the least possible constraints. Thus the French language, thus the lyrics, thus the spoken word.

Then FAUVE expanded. It reinforced its pillars to enlarge its vision, its perspectives and develop its intention on various formats. The project is now made-up of 5 permanent members.

FAUVE still hasn’t reached a state of maturity: other actors are bringing new ideas and contributing occasionally yet faithfully to the project (photographs, texts, illustrations, etc.). Although there is no official form, these actors are considered as being part of the CORP.

FAUVE is a door that is open day and night, a shoulder and an ear.
FAUVE is whoever wants to be. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we’ll be plenty."

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