Monday 9th June 2014

Fé is Ben and Leo from London. The band came about from years of writing together and busking in train carriages. In both their inspired early releases 'Time’, 'She Came' and ’50/50’ (all produced by Luke Smith - Foals/Depeche Mode), Fé have offered a flawless signal of intent from a band we consider to be an extremely significant new discovery. 

In three quick releases, Fé have proclaimed their arrival with wonderful, heroic melodies, heartfelt sentiment and a euphoric sense of space. It's endearing contemporary pop perfection which has seen BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and The Guardian all rushing to heap praise on the band. Their music oozes an ambition for which superlatives fail us; the kind of songs that feel like they already belongs to the fabric of modern life.

For Fé, music is a compulsion. Before the band took off, every day Leo and Ben would take to the London Underground with their guitars. Traversing the packed carriages, they would battle to endear themselves to commuters with an exquisitely performed repertoire made up of skiffle versions of early R&B and rock n roll songs. Faced with adulation, apathy, or actual bodily harm, it’s the challenge upon which they thrived; the thrill of entertaining. They were fuelled by the endless love for music that they encounter on the trains, with the band themselves describing this ritual as ‘getting under the skin of the city': an 'unquenchable well of inspiration, £50 notes, stamps and phone numbers’. These years of busking together have cultured a joyous ethos which is at the heart of Fe's music; outwards, open, honest and always striving to make that connection.

They first met in a meat container under the Westway, London, in which Leo lived. Straight away they began writing together and so began a musical marriage that has consumed their lives ever since. With no running water or heating to speak of, for years they spent tireless hours locked away crafting their songs, fusing their love for classic songwriting with contemporary electronics. Finally this spring they felt ready, and decided upon the name Fé, which has been borrowed from Leo’s Grandmother. 

The finesse of Fé owes much to those years spent demanding perfection from their own songwriting. It’s now that they are ready to unleash their music upon the world, with a devastatingly good live show to match. The band performed their first live session for BBC Radio 1 at Madia Vale studios on 28th March 2014.



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