Fenech-Soler Exclusive Playlist


Monday 7th October 2013

Fenech-Soler are from Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, who create wonderfully produced, anthemic electro-indie with addictive hooks and choruses. 

They released their new album 'Rituals' on September 29th which is available to purchase here. ‘Rituals’ tracks include 'Magnetic' and 'Last Forever', and features select collaborations with Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem, UNKLE) and the innovative Swedish producer / DJ Style of Eye

They consist of four members; Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler and Andrew Lindsay, who got together and made Fred Perry Subculture an exclusive playlist, which you can listen to read about their track choices below.


1. Fenech-Soler 'In Our Blood' 

This is the first song we wrote for our new album Rituals. It feels like it's been around for a while but it's still a favourite of ours which is a good sign.

2. Phantogram 'Don't Move'

A band that has been around for a bit but I've only recently cottoned on to them. A good running song. 

3. George Maple 'Fixed' 

Really like George Maple's voice. All her stuff is great but with this song it's the incredible production from Maribou State. They're unbeatable at the moment.  

4. NZCA/Lines 'Airlock (Original mix)'

New band from London that i haven't heard loads about but instantly fell in love with this track. 

5. Eagles for Hands 'Peaks' 

This producer remixed on of our recent singles and it's one of our favourite remixes of our songs. He's just released an EP called Lisbon thats great... 

6. Andy Cato 'Palermo By Night'

We did a lot of touring with Groove Armada in the early days of Fenech-Soler and Ben also sang on one of their tunes. They are very talented song writers/producers and Andy has totally proven that with this solo effort. 

7. Banks 'Warm Water'

Blown away by her voice. Very cool production from Teed too. 

8. Kid Astray 'The Mess'

Again another band i dont know a great deal about but i heard this on a radio station in Zurich recently and it conjured up some good feelings. 

9. Throwing Snow  'Lingerwell'

Big fan of the production on this track. A year old now but still sounds really fresh. London / Bristol producer i think... 

10. Fenech-Soler 'Two Cities' 

This song represent a side to Fenech-Soler that i really enjoy writing and recording. It's the only real slow song on the record and we experimented with some different instruments like a chinese violin. 



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