Fira Fem


Monday 13th January 2014

Hailing from Madrid over the course of last year’s debut album Aedificatoria, Fira Fem exploded in every direction possible, taking sounds as diverse as psychedelia, tropicalia and shoegaze with them.

With their eagerly anticipated follow up Fira Fem they return with gusto. Opening with the atmospheric ‘Solid Ground’, a shifting and elemental mix of sunshine styles akin to Grizzly Bear and Beach House they explore layered guitar styles driven by dreamy psych pop rhythms. Seeking out the shade and sunshine of complex indie music – less playful and considerably more ambitious than anything they’ve recorded before – on ‘Wrong Movements’ and closing track ‘Navigates’ they open themselves up to moments of sonic introspection via lush electronic harmonies. Whereas their humour and sincerity continues to shine through, most notably on album highlight ‘I Fucked Fira Fem Before They Were Famous’ which is melodious and mischievous in equal measure.

This is their second full-length long player released through the Barcelona’s best loved label Aloud Music Ltd and it rides high on the critical success of last year’s debut and two EPs; their self released Old Man Jacket (2011) and Mascot Human Disco (2010) on the Mine All Mine label.

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