Flowers and Sea Creatures


Thursday 22nd September 2011

Montreal's Flowers and Sea Creatures have been building a formidable reputation since their debut EP 'Test Pressing' in September 2010. Coupled with the follow-up 'A.M' that was released back in February 2011, the duo have been turning some serious heads in both the electronic underground and the alt-rock overground scenes.

Delivering a deeply atmospheric and cinematic sound are Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos by crafting fuzzy autumnal chords, which form a base for Baxter's soaring impressionistic vocals and crystalline acoustic guitars. Crisp future disco beats come courtesy of a trio of top-drawer co-producers, namely Ewan Pearson, Fred Everything and The Revenge. All three have helped shape both EPs and forthcoming, self-titled debut album 'Flowers and Sea Creatures' (due for release September 26th).

Baxter was born in Belfast where he played the cornet in church. Megalos was born in Athens and is the son of an nomadic Greek musician. The two gravitated to Montreal where they met and started writing together. The band have since become notoriously reclusive, recording away from the cut and thrust of the Montreal scene in an attempt to carve an unspoilt, unique sound.

During their search for a record label, by chance whilst opening a selection of newly purchased CDs, Baxter came across a reply-to card for Buzzin' Fly label boss, Ben Watt buried amongst some of the packaging. After waiting for 6 weeks having sent off some music, the duo became dispirited but when Baxter idly checked his junk mail one day, he soon discovered that Watt had actually replied within 48 hours.

Watt explains how "they just sent instrumental music at first… it was so moody and raw. I loved it. I asked - more in hope than anything else - if anyone in the band could sing, as I thought the tracks would take songs very well. Little did I expect a singer of the calibre of Graham to emerge. Everyone who has heard him has been knocked sideways. His solo voice and his use of background vocals seem both ancient and modern."

Asked about their inspirations, Baxter outlines the understated vocals of jazz trumpeter, Chet Baker and the dark shadows of Kubrick's film version of 'A Clockwork Orange'. Fitting, as his lyrics begin with vivid images and are 'open to interpretation'. Megalos lists Giorgio Moroder and early 80's sonic experimentalists, The Art Of Noise.

With airplay and sessions for XFM, 6Music and Radio1 already under their belt alongside warm, underground club support from future-facing DJs like Visionquest, Sebo K and Andre Lodemann, the timing seems ideal for Flowers and Sea Creatures to release their first album.

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