Fur Voice


Wednesday 11th January 2012

Fur Voice is also David Gracia, who was born in Murcia in 1983. He was interested in playing guitar and lyric-writing from a very young age. He first started writing music for theatre plays and video art, and in 2003 did some guest singing on speed metal and dream pop bands. Soon after (2006) he moved to Barcelona and started his solo project: Fur Voice. His music is intimate and expressive, mixing elements from a wide palette of styles: waving from electronica to contemporary classical music, or flirting with shoegaze and pop. The highlights on his compositions are his own powerful multi-range voice and the challenging piano melodies. In 2009, Fur Voice released an EP under the same name and included a live audiovisual performance illustrated by Chuso Ordi and Jose Morraja, both well known Spanish artists. In 2011 Fur Voice's second installment comes out: “ONTO ENDO”, this time recorded at his home studio and also Blind records in Barcelona. The LP gets mastered by Joe Lambert in NYC (LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Gang Gang Dance, Panda Bear, Atlas Sound), being succesfully reviewed by the Spanish media. 

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