Gallows Announce New Single 'Cross of Lorraine'


Friday 30th November 2012

As Gallows faced 2012, the notorious UK punk band had no idea what the year might bring. The band had recently departed company with their frontman Frank Carter and despite an excellent reaction to the short, sharp shock of their ‘Death Is Birth’ EP at the end of 2011, their first material with new singer Wade MacNeil, none of the band could really have  predicted how the new line-up would be received.

Fast forward a year and it’s like Wade has been in the band forever. Tearing through the festivals in the summer and laying down an incredible third album in their hometown of Watford, when their self-titled opus finally arrived, any doubters were very quickly silenced. “It’s our statement of intent, our laugh in the face of those who said Gallows were done,” claimed the band and the press could only agree, as the album was critically-acclaimed across the board.

Having Just finished a sold-out UK tour that saw Gallows dominate stages with more passion, anger and conviction than ever before, the  band are now proud to announce the release of ‘Cross Of Lorraine’ as a single this coming December 10th on Venn Records. Already a firm live favourite, it’s the track that brings ‘Gallows’ third album to a rousing final, capturing everything that is important about the band in 2012 in a three minute attack. Snarling and anthemic, it works its way under your skin and refuses to budge. You have been warned.

Gallows are: 

Wade MacNeil (vocals),

Stephen Carter (guitar)

Laurent Barnard (guitar)

Stuart Gili-Ross (bass)

Lee Barratt (drums)

Have a listen to 'Cross of Lorraine' below.


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