Gene Clark


Thursday 27th November 2014

A founding member of The Byrds, Gene Clark (1944-1991) dropped his fifth solo album (not counting releases with the Gosdin Brothers and Doug Dillard), Two Sides To Every Story, in 1977. Long out of print, it was re-released on 18 November as a deluxe CD via High Moon Records.

Two Sides To Every Story has been packaged in a deluxe hardbound Eco-Book with never-before-seen photographs by Ed Caraeff and liner notes by John Einarson, author of the Gene Clark biography Mr. Tambourine Man.  There is also an exclusive download card featuring over 90 minutes of unheard music, including a live performance of “I Saw a Dream Come True” from 1984. 

Two Sides to Every Story was produced by Thomas Jefferson Kaye and features Emmylou Harris on backing vocals, Dillard on banjo, Byron Berline on violin, Al Perkins on pedal steel and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on guitar.

Gene Clark served as The Byrds' main songwriter in the mid-sixties, composing some of the band’s best-known songs, including "Feel a Whole Lot Better," "Eight Miles High" and "You Showed Me." Clark is widely considered to be a pioneer of folk-rock, country-rock and psychedelic-rock and his songs have been covered by Fairport Convention, The Flying Burrito Bothers and Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, amongst others. 

Two Sides To Every Story original track list: 

1. Home Run King
2. Lonely Saturday
3. In The Pines
4. Kansas City Southern
5. Give My Love To Marie
6. Sister Moon
7. Marylou
8. Hear The Wind
9. Past Addresses
10. Silent Crusade


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