Giana Factory


Friday 30th March 2012

Making their way onto British shores, Denmark's Giana Factory are about to set a new example in simplistic electronic resonation. The trio famously broke onto the scene, playing their first live set in support of Glasvegas, not a string many people have on their bows. They are soon to release their debut album 'Save the Youth', which we think will have a few people talking, as this offers something just that little bit different.

Released on May 7th, 'Save the Youth' will include a bonus CD showcasing re-worked tracks from Autolux, Glasvegas, VETO and Trentmoller. Approaching a few of their musical friends, they set about remaking certain songs from the debut LP, resulting in a monthly 7" vinyl series of imaginative interpretations. It is not a usual occurrence where these re-imaginations are so readily available. More often than not an individual track will have been on circulation, passing though one hand to the next and re-mixed up to the eyeballs. This way, the track is untarnished, allowing the artist a clean slate of which to work on. Giana Factory manage to create a minimal soundscape in which they utilise their enchantingly melodic vocals to fill voids with warmth. The outcome of this can only be described as 'dark pop', a genre swimming in chilling synths and firmament guitars. They have created a fully realised sound at such an early stage in their careers that is frightening to say the least. Expect to see more artists than you can count scramble to re-mix the trio's otherworldly vibrancies. Below is the shiny (and we mean shiny) new video for the single 'Rainbow Girl'. Enjoy, listen and while you're at it, have a re-mix.


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