Tuesday 8th January 2013

Gin Ga released their debut album in Austria, Germany and Switzerland at the start of 2011.  The album got lots of rave reviews in those countries and the two singles "Final Call" and "This Is Happening" were picked up by numerous radio stations with "Final Call" reaching the number 1 spot in Austria's national alternative radio charts.  The successful release was followed by a series of club concerts and festival shows in the GSA countries. 

But also outside the German speaking territories, Gin Ga's debut album did not pass by unnoticed: Eurosonic Festival in Holland immediately put Gin Ga on of their main stages.  After that, the band played some (remarkable) showcase gigs all across Europe ( Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Hamburg....), and was invited by a number of international showcase festivals such as Spot Festival Denmark, Culture Collide Festival USA and also the new GLIMPS festival in Belgium.  In addition, there was even some time left for some creative exchanges with other bands:  in their home town of Vienna, Gin Ga teamed up with Mintzkov for a sold out show at one of Vienna‚Äôs most favorite venues WUK.  In Aahrus (Dk) they did a joined performance with Danish band KissKissKiss and, just before hitting the recording studio last spring, Gin Ga joined Absynthe Minded for a showcase at the renowned Primavera Festival in Barcelona as part of Small Countries, Big Music, a new European project where both bands are involved in.

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