Wednesday 12th March 2014

In 2010 the two drummers Rasmus Valldorf (CTM, Lily Electric, The Asteroids Galaxy tour et al.) and Kristian Mondrup (Lars and the Hands of Light, Kala-OK et al.) met up in their studio, based in copenhagen, with the intension on creating a new sound. A new “POP SOUND”. Focus on hard and energetic beats and rememberable melodies. GLASS was a reality.

During the last couples of years the two friends have been in the studio, working intensely on discovering their musical expression, determined to create music that could translate the energy they both know from the role as drummers.

The boys have lived for a longer amount of time in some of the world’s biggest metropolis, commuting between Berlin, New York, Beijing, Taipei and Copenhagen during the creation of GLASS. This can be heard in many parts of the music, which bear the marks of the many inputs, busyness and restlessness that defines major capitals of the world.

GLASS is pop music with a major spice to it. It is music that insists on attention – ‘cause if you don’t listen, we just make noise. Glass is not something you put on for a comfortable dinner, it is something you listen to when you want to dance, feel the adrenalin pump, and wants to feel the energy of the big city!

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