Gold Panda - 'Thailand Chord Droner'


Monday 27th February 2012

It has been the best part of two years since we have heard so much as a peek out of Gold Panda. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard a slice of new action from Peckham born Derwin Schlecker.

There has definitely been a different approach taken in this new creation. The metronome percussion is muted somewhat, allowing a constant ambience to hum proudly in the background. His building layers move slower than previous work, with defined interventions. At first listen, this feels like a production mistake, but on closer inspection, it is actually a pretty interesting decision, reminiscent of certain 'Hot Chip' tracks, faltering yet engaging. We hope this could mark the return of said Mr Panda, but no news as of yet. Give the track a listen, and join us in eager anticipation.


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