Greg Wilson Mixtape


Wednesday 4th June 2014

On 1st April 2014, Electro-funk legend Greg Wilson founded a new and exiciting project; a multi-media label called Super Weird Substance which deals primarily with recording and live events, the flagship project being Blind Arcade 

Blind Arcade consists of Manchester's beloved Kermit and Evermean Beats (EVM128), a dynamic outfit on the Super Weird Substance label. The collective have been making waves of late, uniting their varied sounds, to create an invigorating mixed-bag of sounds, crossing genres including funk, reggae, electro, rap, soul and hip hop. They’ve been stockpiling a whole heap of dynamite cuts with a good times vibe, many of which are included on this ‘mixtape’ that is currently in circulation.

The sound of summer 2014, the mix includes 19 tracks presented as an uplifting, über-life-affirming whole.

Distributed from roots outwards, initially from person to person before now made public, the organic spread across friends and fans alike has garnered a huge amount of buzz around this Anglo-Jamaican musical odyssey, and it is also available as a free download


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