Handcrafted Soul


Monday 30th April 2012

We are Handcrafted Soul - we are writing, composing and interpreting a Folk Rock music very inspired by American popular culture. We ‘handcraft’ with enthusiasm music that –hopefully! - got ‘soul’, hence our name.

Our duet was born in 2009, as something very obvious. Nothing surprising, actually, when one knows our backgrounds: he has studied American literature and music, she has studied art & drama.

We have realized quickly our mutual passion for American popular culture – Country music from the 30s and 40s, Rock’n Roll from the 50s, Bubble Gum Pop from the 60s… And we wanted to bring something new, based on all this marvelous influence, in our modern time.

We shortly after writing our first songs gave a few gigs in Paris, France, and then came to our minds the crazy idea to tour in the US. This is what we exactly did in fall 2010, with an unforgettable road trip from New York to San Francisco. We can assume that we definitely turned international with concerts in Berlin, Germany, in 2011.

We also directed our own videos – they are also handcrafted pieces from our home manufactory!
We’re proud to quote an American blog reading that our music is “like rock candy on nice little wooden stick. It's classic, colorful, and sweet. Or maybe like a nice glass of southern whiskey.” Depends on your taste!

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