Here Is Why


Tuesday 1st May 2012

We’re facing rough times, aren’t we? Back in the days everything was easier, huh?
Every single day raises new issues. Let’s cut the platitudes. We’re not claiming Here Is Why have got the answers to all of these questions, but at least they are acting just as their name suggests: self-explanatory. It doesn’t take a lot more than the music itself to get an instant connection to what this band is all about. What else is to know? They convincingly manage to translate past things into new ones. This is being applicable to the music in the first place, which is significantly experienced in the stylistically confident chapters of synth-pop history. Anyway, their knowledge isn’t wallowing in nostalgia but focussing this very moment.

Same thing with the band history. You’ll find some characters in Here Is Why that built up a reputation in the subcultures of Leipzig, that can be censorious and demanding at times, but also very propulsive. Mikesh, the voice and decisive songwriter of this band, is looking back on a comprehensive catalogue of productions that are bridging the gap between popcultural niches and mass appeal. Apart from Here Is Why he’s exploring mere House-orientated territories as part of the producer team Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt. Markus (drums, guit.), Linda (bass) and Flo (synths) have been turning heads with their old band The Plectrons at the interface of indie-rock and floor-appeal.

Here Is Why sees the merging of the best of both worlds. The reflexive and innovative spirit of a groundbreaking producer work and the band-dynamic, taking from different spheres of interpretation, that ultimately brings the songs to life. This has been the setup for almost a year now. Granted: you might tend to exaggerate at points like this. That’s well known and an unpleasant occupational disease. Nevertheless: In their still relatively short history, Here Is Why have been evolving to be one of the most remarkable local pop phenomenons of the last ten years.

About the current album HRSY (release: 2012 on Riotvan):

On HRSY, Here Is Why are blending cryptic shadows, eternal yearning, floor-epiphanies and airplay- suitability into a sound-design, that - in all its referential consciousness - is beyond example.

You'll be able to filter traditions out of this album, that start with early Human League or Heaven 17 and reach into the more contemporary blueprints of intelligent, perceptible and ever-valid Popmusic like LCD Soundsystem or Junior Boys.

It's not so much those traditions themselves, but the awareness to pervade their secret, that makes their songs so exciting and coherent. Just give "Standing on a Mountain High" a try and look for options of improvement. Not a chance. HRSY will be released as DIY-Release on vinyl, CD and digital. 

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