High Highs - Ivy


Thursday 13th October 2011

There is something peculiar happening in the music world of late. Tight clad jean wearing band aficionados are ditching clenching riffs and sporadic flurries for reminiscent twilight reverberations and warm minimalism. High Highs, a New York three piece are the latest to grab our attention, well, we should say allure us, as that is the siren-esque quality they exude, enticing in the unsuspecting.

Ivy, the new single from High Highs is dreamy whimsical bliss personified. They have captured that moment, the point just before you nod off, when everything is at peace. The want for it to last forever is overpowering, but eventually, you lose control and before you know it, you are awake again with the weight of the world on your shoulders. To bottle this perception is peripheral artistry. The airy echoes that suspend from the guitar seep in softly and linger for the duration.

After the initial chorus of acoustic lush and Jack Mila’s sultry vocals, gentle brushes on the ivories begging to trend. This minimalist grace lingers through, adding a subtle layer, correlating with the next phase of ever fading consciousness’. Duplicating the piano for the final verse are long, hollow bass notes, allowing the track to hit you on three very different levels. With each of the elements moulding together so well, a full awareness is needed to detect the subtlety running throughout.

This is the type of track, the type of band even that needs no breaking down. It is a crime to separate, pick and pull apart the contrasting constituents. They simply make music to please. If not for you then most certainly themselves. Utterly beguiling and winsome in its entirety, we really need say no more. Oh, and no comparisons needed.

High Highs play the Queens head on November 24th.


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