Friday 15th November 2013

Barcelona-based Hitabaldaäs’s music is a soundtrack, an ambient blend of electronic textures and trip-hop vibes with a strong post-rock undercurrent. They have released two albums until now. Audiovisual and graphic art have always played an important role in Hitabaldaäs projects. As a result, the band has worked closely with artists as diverse as painters, VJ's and independent film producers. It has also led to participation in festivals related to the world of visual art.

Hitabaldaäs self-titled and autoproduced debut was released in 2011. The album is a mixture of rock, nu-jazz and electronic textures that moves with shifting intensities and sound spectrums, merging acoustic and processed sounds to create an absorbing soundtrack, an eclectic, open style with changing and complex structures 

"It must be stopped" is the second album from Hitabaldaäs, released by the independent label Petit Indie in 2013. Full of dense and dark atmospheres, heavily influenced by the sounds of trip-hop, post-rock and ambient or cinematic oriented bands from the late 90s and early 2000s, in this work the band have added more electronic elements and a new female voice that has made them evolve definitely forward. The album was produced by Frank Rudow, former Manta Ray, Bedroom and SUMA among others. Rudow's work has given more strength and complexity to the sound of the band. As a bonus there are two remixes of emergent artists from the electronic scene from Barcelona: Adyo and Sau Poler.

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