Hymns From Nineveh


Tuesday 6th March 2012

Pop-ish neofolk with an extraordinary sense of beauty and frailty.

Hymns from Nineveh is the solo project of danish Jonas Petersen. Despite his young age (23) he's presenting an album of acoustic songs whose intensity and presence places him somewhere between Bon Iver and Antony and the Johnsons.

Jonas makes it look easy. There's an apparent simplicity to his melodies. And his lyrics, though very personal, are both moving and affecting. At the center of his music is his delicate guitar playing and most importantly his voice. His bright vocal effortlessly controls even the falsetto. It's his voice that holds the heartwarming and remarkable presence in Hymns from Nineveh.

Jonas was born the youngest of five siblings. His father was a missionary and took the family to Botswana, Africa where they spend several of Jonas' childhood years. Once back in Denmark Jonas started writing music and playing cello. Some of his early teenage work made it to the album Happitalism! which he released with his band at the time, Attrap.

Attrap imploded before the release, but the album received outstanding reviews. Life in a band, touring and general teenage concerns all wore Jonas out. He was doubting his essentials - faith and life itself. He retreated to a stonewalled basement in Jutland for almost a year to find calm and room for his thoughts. Hymns from Nineveh arose from that basement. 

Nineveh is a town described in the Old Testament. Hymns from Nineveh are hymns and elegies of the heart and mind of a young, devoted artist.

Jonas debuted with an EP in 2009, Uncomplicated Christmassongs. Again critics raved and expectations are building for the release of this his first full length album.

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