Hyphen Hyphen


Monday 12th November 2012

On stage, the band delivers a brutal rock energy coupled with a fresh and dancing groove – mixing disco and electro in an electrifying way. 

At the “Inrockuptibles” villa in 2011 -during the Cannes Film Festival- they were the favorite live performance of the editorial staff -and by doing so, beating 2 Many DJ’s, Anna Calvi and many others. Their show required a dynamic involvement of the public with choreography, fluorescent paintings, costumes and so forth... 

Hyphen Hyphen won the Jury distinction at the “Inrocks Lab” awards in May 2011 and were the second best band of the same awards in 2012! “Chewbacca, I Am Your Mother”, their first EP -out in digital download on March 2011- sold more than 2 000 copies. 

In 2011, Hyphen Hyphen played more than 30 concerts - le Zénith in Paris, the 104, the Flèche d’Or – as well as many festivals – Calvi On The Rocks, Marsatac, Poulpaphone, Bars En Trans,... They also performed in both London and Rome. In 2012, they played at the “Petit Bain”, the “Nuits Zébrées”, in the “Fabrique” in Nantes, at the Fuzz Yon jazz festival, at the Chorus des Hauts de Seine festival, at the Gaou festival... 

Hyphen Hyphen was the “Official Dicovery” of the Printemps de Bourges festival in 2012. Hyphen Hyphen is the winner of the “Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe”. Hyphen Hyphen is a finalist of both the “Chorus Haits de Seine” award and the Deezer/Adami award. “Wild Union”, their new EP, will be out in May 2012. A tribal initiation, a cinematic and epic journey. 

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