iam1 - 'Watching'


Friday 24th February 2012

Westminster University compadres Oli Rose and MC Jamie Wallace are the near perfect example of intertwining juxtaposition. Merging poignant wry observations in Jamie's spoken word and Oli's neatly honed, siren-esque voice, these two London lads could well be in for a much celebrated year.

With the release of their debut E.P 'Watching' making it's way onto our airwaves seemingly from the blue, we took some time to investigate as to why these guys will be big news in 2012.

Cutting straight in, Jamie hits a hard, deep and flat tone. This is not harsh however, but allows the words to resonate, clearly and accurate. Scrutinised recollections of drinking habits is universally applicable, and by using this to pinpoint subtleties that is nationally resounding already grips intrigued ears. This is where it gets ever more interesting. Oli cuts in with a reassuringly uplifting voice, making light of Jamie's harsh realities and seeks to inspire. The composition of this track also mirrors that of each member, therefore further hitting home. Warming string synth is utilised in the chorus which is an honest, touching addition.

The video itself is a well constructed piece for this particular song. When we do see their faces, they are merged, further concluding that they are two people, but have the same worldly opinions rendering them one. It is a magical entity, soft outlined tribal colours, a dreamy space theme and an air of allusiveness. You can't help but wonder if, this is in fact a reverberation of a dream, where you can never make out faces or location, injecting a unique wistful element.

This is the track that will propel them to stardom, and if they can keep improving, we will have an album that is hitting number one across the board.

'Watching' is available for purchase March 19th.


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