Wednesday 1st October 2014

Jonna Lee is the artist known as iamamiwhoami, working in collaboration with music producer Claes Björklund and the visual collective WAVE. Lee dovetails sound and vision to illuminate a remarkable journey, creating audiovisual series released as instalments. The origin of iamamiwhoami is a unique story as Lee’s project originally was sprung from an online community, when in 2009 the account entitled iamamiwhoami began releasing experimental short snippets of instrumental music and film. 5 years later iamamiwhoami is an established music act with a rapidly growing following.

BLUE is iamamiwhoami’s third audiovisual album, following the debut of “bounty” (2010) and it’s follow up “kin” (2012). The overriding theme of BLUE is water. “It is a symbol of the digital world, a visualisation of where iamamiwhoami exists”, Lee explains. Through such instalments as ‘Fountain’, ‘Hunting For Pearls’ and ‘Vista’, BLUE is iamamiwhoami’s most advanced series to date, a culmination of epic melody and voice, the rhythm of the beats, the beautiful gleaming waves of synthesiser. “BLUE is a reflection of me as an artist with one foot in the physical world we were raised in, and my head in the digital world.”

On the sonic side of BLUE, Lee says that she and Björklund, “had a clear idea of what we wanted to create. An emotional, expressive and timeless album, close to nature. The aesthetic vision when starting WAVE was to purify and enhance our work and find our own visual manner: mutually it’s still iamamiwhoami but purer and further down the timeline of development.”

There have been awards, such as Innovator of the Year at Sweden’s Grammis in 2011 and MTV O Music’s award for Digital Genius in 2012. The number of video hits on iamamiwhoami’s Youtube channel stands at a staggering 30 million. But even without such facts and figures, iamamiwhoami is simply an extraordinary creation, with a unique and spontaneous fan-led initiative and a unique world that offers both an escapist fantasy and a palpable community where anyone can belong if they want to. BLUE is the culmination of that journey so far, “the most personal, emotional expression of me as an artist, this project, and the relationship with the audience. I think you can tell that from listening to the music.” 

BLUE also marks Lee’s directorial debut, sharing the credit with cinematographer John Strandh and set designer Augustin Moreaux, under the name WAVE.


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