Ice Cream Cathedral


Monday 16th June 2014

Travelling to the unexplored borderland between kraut rock, 60‘ies pop, acid and IDM, Danish trio Ice Cream Cathedral orbits into the outer spheres with the futuristic spacepop of their international debut, Sudden Anatomy. Mysterious soundscapes and dreamlike melodies are led by the delicately and confident vocal of Anja T. Lahrmann as the spaceship travels at the drums’ insistingly intense pulsing pace. Ice Cream Cathedral brings the dimness of shoegaze and electronic music together with the soaring lightness of dreampop in the highly dynamic songs of Sudden Anatomy.

Sudden Anatomy is the international debut by Ice Cream Cathedral, but the second effort from the trio. Ice Cream Cathedral was founded in 2011. Here vocalist Anja T. Lahrmann, guitarist Kristian Paulsen and drummer Anders Bach went to Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and found each other through a common passion for American dreampop like Broadcast and electronic experimentalists as Autechre. In March 2013 Ice Cream Cathedral released their Scandinavian debut album The Drowsy Kingdom to high critical acclaim, leading the band on tours in Norway, US and prominent festival gigs at Danish mastodont festival Roskilde Festival along with Berlin Music Week and latest by:Larm in Oslo in February 2014, thereby establishing the trio as one of the Scandinavian acts to look out for.

The 7 minutes long song “The Swans” is the first single from Sudden Anatomy. As the song rockets from the vocal-focused first part into the infinity of the outer stratosphere, it culminates with such an intensity in the trios teamwork that the dynamics between the tolling guitares, the distinct vocal and the throbbing drums merges and melts together into the sudden anatomy of the album title.

“The Swans” was one of the first songs, Ice Cream Cathedral composed for Sudden Anatomy. Just a couple of months after the release of The Drowsy Kingdom and in the middle of heavy touring, Ice Cream Cathedral noticed the hectic and energetic quality the songs took on live. The live experiences were intense and took some of the lightness and drowsyness out of the music. It was definitely still dreamy, but the dream had gone darker.

Inspired by this twist, Ice Cream Cathedral started to explore new bounderies within the genres of their music while writing new songs with the intensity from the gigs still running in their veins.

The band describes the writing process for the songs on Sudden Anatomy as if “the songs would find their form before we knew how they would end up being”. Through this spontaneous approach the genre definitions were broken down to let the music evolve through the musicians common flow rather than by the ideas of pop, electronic music or kraut. “To us it’s all about playing so well together that we melt into one organism that is our music,” Ice Cream Cathedral explains. With Sudden Anatomy Ice Cream Cathedral strives to let the soundscape support the essence of the songs: the beautiful melodies of Anja T. Lahrmanns unquestionable forceful and distinctive vocal.

Listening to the bands new explorations the intensity and energy of the music takes the listener to a strangely familiar part of outer space as first inhabitants in this new area, safely free-floating in the band’s stunningly intense presence.

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