Ira Atari


Tuesday 4th November 2014

Ira Ataris debut album“ Shift“ still resonates in our heads and the any time recently released tracks “Wish I Had”, “Leave it” and “Flowers” are #1  on our summer playlists. So we’re happy to announce that Ira Atari has something new coming up, an EP with the glorious name “Heroes”. Bernhard is the new bandmate next to Ira. They already did a couple of songs together, but this is their first release as a duo.

And the result is nothing to sneeze at! The Songs on the EP make you wanna dance and without hesitation we want to mention Ira Atari in the same breathe as Robyn, Chvrches or La Roux. Ira Atari is not as much “Atari” as before. The new songs are pop in it’s purest idea. The EP clearly has some 80s inspiration going on. And even though original synthies and drums from the 80s were used during the making of the songs, the EP sounds contemporary and not corny at all. Quite the balancing act to be mastered!

The EP is named “Heroes”. David Bowie says we could be heroes, just for one day. Ira turns the tables: We don’t have to be heroes. It’s okay to be down for one day as long as you have a shoulder to lean on and people you can place your trust in. 

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