Jake Bugg - Debut album


Thursday 4th October 2012

Jake Bugg’s eponymous debut album (out on 15th October 2012, on Mercury Records) looks set to underline a breakthrough year for the young singer/songwriter. The Nottingham-based teenager has developed quite a list of achievements in 2012, supporting The Stone Roses at an already legendary secret gig in London, touring with Noel Gallagher in the UK and Europe, and his much talked about TV performance on Later with Jools Holland.

Fourteen songs in total; sharp, observant and honest, his tracks tell stories of his experiences growing up as a working class teenager in Nottingham.

It opens with "Lightening Bolt", the first track that planted Jake firmly on the path to success a few months ago. New single "Two Fingers" follows, the video for which (see below) is filmed in Nottingham. "Two Fingers" is a feel good track about getting out of bad places, with reference to his home borough of Clifton. "Seen it all" is the forth track on the album, with a more reflective story depicting the troublesome situations he’s been in.

The references here to the Manchester indie/Britpop scene, Dylan, and in places, Simon and Garfunkel ("Broken" especially), are obvious, and well documented elsewhere, but all perfectly executed. The voice and lyrical sentiment both hark back to the beatnik era, with the convincingly old school production deftly framing Bugg's observations of modern life, drug use and heartbreak.

The shorter tracks such as "Country Song" and album closer "Fire" in particular demonstrate Jake Bugg's ability to effortlessly encapsulate heartfelt emotion with his relatively restrained palette, showing amazing sensitivity for one so young.

It’s a sparse but perfectly paced record, one that marks out Jake as a very real, and exciting, new UK artist in 2012, who manages to effortlessly straddle the gap between authenticity and mainstream appeal. Standing starkly apart from the Brit School blinkered view that the singer songwriter scene has suffered from in recent years.

Jake Bugg - Full Tracklisting:

Lightning Bolt
Two Fingers
Taste It
Seen It All
Simple As This
Country Song
Trouble Town
Ballad Of Mr Jones
Someone Told Me
Note To Self

Find Out more about Jake Bugg here jakebugg.com


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