Jam City


Monday 23rd February 2015

Jack Latham aka Jam City is an English electronic producer who creates music reflecting a dystopian vision of Western society. Musically, he spans across transgressive dance with astute post-punk elements. File between Real Lies and King Krule

His forthcoming LP, Dream A Garden, is due for release March 3rd via Night Slugs. His previous 2012 album, Classical Curves, delivered tectonic glitch-house club tunes, but Jam City has moved beyond a solely electronic production with forthcoming LP Dream a Garden, adding his own vocals, and more chordant, fluid tunes. Both albums express this clear feeling of alienation within modern society, but Dream a Garden is a more sensitive collection of modern pop songs.  

Featured on the album, 'Unhappy' references various modern societal ills, such as conspicuous consumption, the prevalence of porn, a looming police state and more, whilst offering an uplifting message towards the end, urging listeners to 'Stop Being Afraid', that 'Another World is Possible.' 

And so it is then, this is a record about love and resistance. Made by modest means, made by any means, the DIY origin of the record speaks to the artist's faith in the power of music to not only transcend, but also to confront, unsettle, and suggest an alternative to the total colonisation of art by neoliberalism. 

Jam City will be touring across Europe throughout the first half of 2015, with dates including Berlin's Berghain on 16th April, and London's ICA on Friday 5th June.

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