Jamie Isaac


Friday 14th March 2014

With his debut EP “I Will Be Cold Soon”, Jamie Isaac mapped out his distinctive brand of psychogeography. The 19-year-old creates vast sonic landscapes strafed with moments of transcendent beauty and hypnotic pull, effortlessly and seamlessly absorbing influences as diverse as Steve Reich and J Dilla, while also reflecting the urban environs of South London, where he was born and raised.

“Blue Break”, his much-anticipated follow-up EP, feels very much like a natural next evolutionary step . The opening title track is Jamie Isaac at his dusky, enveloping best, as majestic and nuanced as anything he's written to date. “She Dried”, could well prove to be breakthrough moment; a gorgeous, tormented love song borne aloft by emotive and utterly transportive vocals encased within dizzying spaces. The overall effect of the EP is spectral yet compelling, haunting and completely unforgettable.Then there's the dishevelled, jazzy tones of “Mother’s Love Don’t Stretch”, a minimalist piano ode that wears his musical heritage on its sleeve.

Jamie Isaac will launching the new EP at a rare live date at London's The Waiting Room on February 26 With plenty of upcoming festival activity to be announced soon.

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