Jenny Wilson


Thursday 14th November 2013

Jenny Wilson explains the motivations of the album in the following text:

"Be realistic, demand the impossible!" was a graffiti painted by the 1968's student radicals over a Paris wall during the uprisings.

I love this beautiful and noisy expression. It makes total sense - what else can one do when you're a citizen in a society that's fucked up? Go out and demand the impossible! For me, the tumults and the revolutionary currents during the last years, has been synonymous with what has happened in my own body. I had breast cancer three years ago. My body became a society in disorder. I had to rise, had to fight, had to start a rebellion against it. I'm the citizen, my body is the society, yeah, and I had to demand the impossible!

With the lust for life and a exultant anger in me, I wrote and produced this album. It's a homage to the riot, to the survival, to the fight. DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! is a boiling soup, with a kick-down-the-fence approach. You hear the street prophet, the beggar, the sufferings of all times. It's juicy, it's rhythmic and with no speed limits.

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