Thursday 26th February 2015

The time is not necessarily good laugh and the next instalment of JESSICA93 “Rise” will not be an exception. Geoff Laporte returns at the end of 2014 with his second album, again recorded at the renowned 20G Recording Studio in Drancy, to impose its vision of the dark and abysmal amplified music. 7 These titles reveal more multifaceted than his previous album “Who Cares” (voted 'Best Album 2013' by New Noise Magazine) including vocals both more worked and more direct. The whole gives a dense result with a lot of material that recalls the work of many JK Broadrick (GODFLESH and JESU among others) and the dark hours of eighties and curisme (“Pornography”). In addition to being a marathon runner concerts and tours (fifty dates under his belt for a year with a notable appearance in “Rock en Seine” this year) Geoff Laporte is also needed as a studio Stakhanovite, a record year for 3 years, with his party JESSICA93 project that seems to settle permanently in the French rock landscape.

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