Jetsi Kain


Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Howling from Copenhagen Denmark, Danish duo Jetsi Kain consist of Jakob Bøcher Müller and Frederik Gøtzstche. The foundation was laid in Sheffield (UK), where Jakob and Frederik came together as Jetsi Kain sharing the rehearsal premises of Arctic Monkeys.

Accompanied by Julian Jones (ex-Oasis associate) Jetsi Kain played around bars and pubs to secure the basic needs of being struggling artists.

Inspired by the 60’s beat wave Jetsi Kain have created a catchy new wave pop universe that speaks of youthful confidence and a happy-go-lucky attitude, winking with warmth and good times.

Musically Jetsi Kain share the qualities of acts such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Blur and Empire of the Sun, and through that locks on to the energy that have been spreading good vibes in music throughout the last five decades.

The result is a very appealing and blatant sound that is rich on details allowing the listener to be captured again and again, which have already received love from NME, Nordic By Nature Berlin and Swedish radio station Gimmie Indie.

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