John Cooper Clarke's Xmas Day Radio Show


Thursday 20th December 2012

John Cooper Clarke: The Bard of Salford, will be hosting a very special radio show on BBC 6 Music at 1pm to 4pm Christmas Day.

He’ll be rummaging through the Christmas classics of old to bring an eclectic but entertaining mix to soundtrack your afternoon. Expect everything from Crooners to Country, Mondo to Motown and even a little slice of rockin’ Reggae.

Punk poet John Cooper Clarke spent years touring under the radar, starting out in ’76 in Manchester performing for ‘people who don't like poetry’. Born in 1949, and embracing the Punk movement in his late 20s, he then moved aside to make way for the 80s big pop bands and lived as a hermit, snubbed by passing fashions and battling a heroin addiction.

He is a respected and underappreciated character with a distinctive appearance and completely unique style. Cooper recently said -

"Poets are supposed to be underappreciated, don't you know? There is always a strange reaction to those who become successful in their own lifetime, and so I always felt lucky that I made the living I did out of it. I was convinced I'd be rumbled, and would have to go out and get a proper job."

JCC has achieved a fair amount in his life. He stated out performing in the Madchester/ Tony Wilson scene, performing alongside Joy Division and New Order amongst other. He married twice, and lived for a time with Nico from The Velvet Underground where they shared a heroin addiction.

He had a number 26 charting album. His track "Evidently Chickentown" was used in an episode of The Sopranos, he appeared in two Sugar Puffs commercials alongside the Honey Monster, and appeared in a film with Plan B.

In May  2012 he was the subject of a BBC4 documentary about him which featured the likes of Steve Coogan, Bill Bailey and Stewart Lee praising Clarke’s contribution to poetry and reasserting his position as one of the greatest voices of his generation.

Watch John Cooper Clarke's 'Chickentown' video below


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