Josh Kumra - 'Call Off The Search'


Wednesday 8th February 2012

Josh Kumra writes soulful, passionate music. He is young of age, but wise in his choice of words and insights. Perhaps this is why he was asked to grace the stages of 'Later with Jools Holland', Glastonbury and V festival as well as working with the compelling Wretch 32 on  his track 'Don't Go'. Sounds like a busy guy. What is it however, that really makes young Mr Kumra so joyfully accessible?

His voice, his voice, oh how this boy can sing. Way beyond his years with vocal flexibility, he has a powerful control over his articulation. Inflections with meaning that are truly touching and sure to resonate with even the coldest hearts. Yes, he may be singing the oldest tale in songwriting. Boy loves Girl, I am hers…etc etc. This is a fresh take however on that age old story, which is mostly down to the simplicity of the lyrics, clear, concise with the up most meaning, allowing this to be the main feature.

A deep, full bass-line (utilised from the guitar) pulls us in to the track, stopping and starting like a palpitating heart, allowing heart wrenching twangs to fill a void. Just by watching the video, you can see the affinity he has with his instrument, a true extension of himself. As if, without it, he could not open up to what he what he wants to say. If you are even a novice guitar player, this is one of those tracks where you would search for chords online, and play for hours until you've sussed it. In fact, i think that's a good evening plan!

See the utterly eloquent video below and judge for yourself. It's a guaranteed repeat!


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